Newsletter highlight - Chapter 1

In my last newsletter message, I indicated that the 2017 legislative session did not go well, and that the partisan approach produced fruitless gridlock like we often see in Washington, D.C. and many other states. I hope for an improved atmosphere in the Capitol and more appropriate representation of Nebraska citizens in the next legislative session.

In the coming week, I’d like to outline my personal focus points for last year’s session, and my intentions for the work we still must do. As always, you can join our team with a donation of time or otherwise on this website, and join me at The Market Basket tomorrow for some coffee and canvassing!

LB824 – Wind energy development

Along with our abundant groundwater resources, Nebraska has a very special above-ground resource – wind. This bill, which I introduced and saw passed in 2016, allows wind energy companies to thrive in Nebraska by removing 1930’s regulatory barriers.  Nebraska has since joined the “Gigawatt Club” by topping 1 gigawatt of wind-generated energy, poising us for more fiscally and environmentally sound infrastructure.  For example, Facebook recently announced its intention to build a new data center in Papillion, using 100% renewable energy.

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