Newsletter highlight - Chapter 3

Earlier this week I shared two of my focus points from the 2017 legislative session; one successful bill that brought sustainable, responsible, green growth to Nebraska, and one common-sense bill that did not pass (although I have high hopes for the passing of similar legislation in the forthcoming session).  In today’s look at my 2017 legislative focus points, I’d like to share LB 564. 

We physically go to stores far less often than we used to.  We much prefer the convenience of online shopping, typically from out-of-state sellers.  This is wonderful for obvious reasons, but as it stands there is no sales tax legislation by which these remote online sellers need abide.  The money Nebraska would typically collect from these sellers no longer stays in Nebraska’s economy.  My bill LB 564 would enact the Nebraska Main Street Fairness Act to address collection of sales/use tax on sales made by out-of-state internet sellers from Nebraska residents. Out-of-state online sellers that complete more than 200 transactions with Nebraskans, or that collect more than $25,000 from Nebraskan patronage will pay sales taxes to Nebraska. The way we buy things has evolved, and I believe we must pass LB 564 to adapt coherently with today’s marketplace.  

Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to join our team, or make donations to the campaign.  I’ll be knocking on doors throughout district 20 in the coming weeks, and I look forward to seeing you!

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