Thanks to bipartisan support, reasonable compromise, and all of your kind words and encouragement, my bill requiring reasonable fees for jail phone calls (LB 776) is one step closer to becoming a law. With this bill, county jails may no longer charge exorbitant phone fees to inmates and their families. Under this amended bill, phone calls that cost as much as $19 for a 15 minute phone call will be capped at $1.50. If we keep family ties strong, inmates have a drastically improved chance of rehabilitation, their kids have a much stronger chance of avoiding the prison pipeline, and all can become positive, contributing members of our community.

Another important aspect of this bill is maintaining confidentiality between inmates and their lawyers. In the past, phone calls between the two have unconstitutionally been recorded. My bill seeks to end this practice.

The advancement of this bill is a testament to government working properly, free of the drama and ego we typically see from our federal government in the news.

As always, thank you for your unending support. Read more about the progress of LB 776 below, and if you'd like to join our team or contribute to our campaign click on the 'donate' button on this page, or click 'join our team'